Learn the 

home selling process

"Before we list your property for sale, I will organize your relevant paperwork, review your Real Property Report to make sure it has compliance. Help you confirm your mortgage balance and any payout penalties. Gather information on recent improvements, significant upgrades and I'll even help you attend to minor repairs."


  • From the first day on the market to a firm sale, I will expose your home to the highest amount of
    pre-qualified home buyers.



  • Vacating the home is Important. Let them take your house for a test drive.

  • Try things like leaving all the lights on and playing soft background music,

  • fresh smelling baking, air freshener, etc.


On the Market

  • Make sure to maintain your home in “show home condition.”

  • I'll be monitoring the market response to the home.

  • Weekly follow-up with me, your Realtor.

The Offer

  • I will Confirm that the buyers are pre-approved.

  • Negotiate the best possible: Terms, Conditions, Dates, Items Included.

Conditional Sale (C/S)

  • A negotiated offer is agreed upon between the buyers and the sellers.

  • The buyer's initial deposit is held in the trust account of the seller's brokerage.

  • All conditions must be satisfied and waived by both seller and buyer.

  • Proper due diligence is done by the Buyers to remove their conditions. 

Firm Sale

  • All conditions have been waived; the sale is now firm sold.

  • Preparation for moving date.

  • Make moving arrangements.

  • Arrange for disconnection of utilities from your account for the day after closing date.

  • Discuss with your Real Estate lawyer the appointment to meet with them and sign all paperwork one week before possession.

Lawyers Office

  • Meet your lawyer and sign all documents.

  • Current Real Property Report provided to the lawyer.

The Closing Date

  • The property is made available to the buyer with all items listed in the purchase agreement, by 12:00 pm 

  • Sale proceeds (minus expenses) will be directly deposited into your bank account by the lawyer’s office.